Friday, June 18, 2010

Mental Block

Don't feel to write anything these days.. dunno why ?
sufferring from "mental block" ?? pata nahi

its not that there is nothing on which i feel to write....but its just that i am not feeling to write anything....hope that this phase gets over ASAP.. :)


  1. When that happens to me, I post pictures :)

  2. wow..nice idea !!

    but..'am not a good photgrapher..i feel that even a child can draw better picture that my photgraphy....(*smile*)

  3. Congrats.

    You've overcome the block with an evil thought. Bulelts for protestors!

  4. Ohh.. "evil thought" .... ok.. if you think like that..then let it be so..

    But i feel when one needs to deal with demons with nefarious designs (like the separatists who represent only a very tiny fraction of Kashmiris) then one has to have such thought which you are terming as "Evil thoughts"....

    Ofcourse you can't offer these stupids a rose when they are spewing venom on you whenever they are speaking.... "Munnabhai's ideologies looks good in movies only"

  5. Yeah 'tiny' fraction.

  6. You know Natasha..the difference in approach for the J&K issue by the Indian and Pakistani side is that when Indians talk about Kashmir..they talk about whole Jammu & Kashmir which includes Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists....but when Pakistanis talk they talk about only Kashmir and Muslims....
    just ponder over this fact and then try to answer your question yourself about the "tiny" thing.

  7. And you go back to 47 and read what the division was based on. Will clear a lot of issues regarding Kashmir.

  8. Hmm....that will surely increase the knowledge.. regarding various issues of that time.. no doubt 'bout that.

    But i believe when you move forward.. you need to move by seeing at front and not at the rear view mirror.

    Hence Kashmiris and especially Kashmiri Muslims should understand that religion is not everything..the world is changing at a very fast pace and if they lag behind they will go back in the dark ages and it will be extremely difficult and a long journey for them to come back..

    It is an era of all inclusive approach.. today they are fighting over Hindu-Muslim stuff tommorrow they will start fighting over some other issues like Ahmadiya, Shia, Sunni etc.. and after that Deobandis and Barellvis.. this thing will never stop....

    that is why..whenever i see such people who in the name of protest start doing all sorts of hooliganism and insurgency.. i believe that they should be brought to books..


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