Friday, July 2, 2010

Issue of Stone pelting

For last few days it has been a common scene in the news bulletins all over..whenever there is some news about Kashmir.... the visuals generally show the so called "angry protesters" (mostly youths who even don't know what they are doing) pelting stones on the security personnels (Police and Paramilitary) who in turn try to prevent the mob from doing any harm to government properties with baton and tear-gas shells !!

It is very clear that these stone-pelters are being paid for doing this from various "agencies" (many from across the border too) as was stated by the State chief minister and many news papers. Hence their demands (stone pelters)are nothing but they are just puppets in the hands of these separatists who in turn are getting orders from their foreign masters.These stone pelters are just interested in earning money and for some else it has been justified by their religion. And if in cross stone pelting some kashmiri youth dies then these separatists like Syed Ali Shah Geelani and others get a chance to malign the security personnels.

Such stupids who eat and live in India but serve their masters somewhere else should not be given any mercy..those who support such mad stone pelting and compare it with Intifada and Palestine like protest should be ready to receive an Israel like repercussion from the Indian military.

There is only one solution for these stupids.... BULLET.


  1. HahahahA.

    These people do not want anything to do with India. It is India that is FORCING itself on these people. Get rid of these 'stupids' and save your bullets , humans!

    The sooner you understand , the better.

    P.S. I am sick of hearing 'India is the largest democracy'. Strange to see PROUD democrats proposing BULLETS for PROTESTORS.

  2. Thanks for giving your views dear.

    yeah you are correct..these people are not Indians..they are anti-indians hence traitors.

    My friend, India is not forcing itself on these people. If you go by an independent research conducted by "Times of India in collaboration with some western organization" then you will come to know that a majority of the Kashmiris are happy under Indian Governance.

    hmm.. I've never quoted that statement that India is the largest democracy in this post then why are you getting perturbed ?

    But yeah.. 'am sick of hearing all the Pakistani ministers who state that for any dialogue process with India "Kashmir is the core issue"..

    who has given them the right to even think over kashmir?

    The ministers at your end and some self-professed Mullah's call for waging a war with Hindus because according to them they are occupying Kashmir and wreaking havoc on kashmiri Muslims.... what a bullshit thinking it is.

    These so called Ministers and Mullahs never say that there Kashmiri Muslim brothers wreaked havoc in the lives of innocent Kashmiri Hindus (Kashmiri Pandits).. killed many..raped the young women and after pushing them out of the valley they have taken (encroached) their lands and homes.. Remember.. Indian Military is not a group of religious fanatics who are trigger happy force like the mujahideens at your end..

    Indian Military had to come in Kashmir in large number only after the Kashmiri MUSLIMS wreaked havoc and the JK Police was not able to handle the situation.

    The Kashmiri MUSLIMS are themselves responsible for the state in which they are living presently.

    Even Gujarat had some religious problems a few years back..but if you will visit Gujarat you will find it to be one of the best in the world. So the main problem lies with the mindset of Kashmiri MUSLIMS.... thats it.

  3. Yes the UN is probsbly full of mullahs and Nehru was probably also a Muslim.

    Kashmiri MUSLIMS, the MAJORITY will better tell you about YOUR self-proclaimed rights on THEIR land.

    Who gave us the right to think about the issue? LOL. Read some history.(Not the chaddi version)

  4. you are talking about UN resolution ma'am....then go through it yourself first....when u'll be through with your understanding of that resolution then let your leaders and Army too to read it....which clearly states the precondition for the pleibiscite to be complete withdrawl of troops by the Pakistanis from their side too.... Go and let your army vacate the "Pakistan Occupied Kashmir" region first.

    Regarding your usage of word regarding our version of history/educational system....i'll only tell you that we are not taught what a dictator wanted us to read which is the scenario at your end.. I think people at your end are made to read the Zia-Ul-Haq made history and all the concocted stories.. isn't it !!

    (I too can use but i won't use such insanely words which you have used in your above comment as a mark of your protest buddy....)

    And as far as your comment regarding this majority-minority thing in Kashmir is concerned.... it clearly shows you have been brainwashed by some Mullah that by increasing the numbers and hence becoming majority a community becomes legitimate owner of landmasses.

  5. Yeah. Dragging in Muslims and Islam in debates is okay for you but it is 'insane' if I refer to RSS ( a POLITICAL (?) terrorist outfit).

    Your personal attacks on me and my religious identity won't change facts.

  6. Oh....shhhh....shhhh..
    i've never ever thought of maligning you dear while answering your queries..why don't you understand that.

    if you consider that i am attacking on your religious identity or if any of my statements made you feel so....then i won't hesitate ever in tendering an apology to you 'cuz i know you are not like those stupids whom i am referring here.


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