Friday, June 18, 2010

Mental Block

Don't feel to write anything these days.. dunno why ?
sufferring from "mental block" ?? pata nahi

its not that there is nothing on which i feel to write....but its just that i am not feeling to write anything....hope that this phase gets over ASAP.. :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Although I am late in writing this stuff because the ban has been lifted already.. but still i feel both the parties included i.e Facebook and Pakistan (Lahore High Court bench to be precise) were at fault in some or the other way.

Its no doubt that the Facebook management is the main culprit for raising this issue and hence the prime accused because nobody in the civilised society (be it any individual or any organization) has the right to defame or malign any religion.
If something is treated as pious or prohibited in a particular sect than there is no reason for anybody else (having different religious tilt) to play with it or try to malign it. Since it is prohibited by Islam to draw caricatures of Allah or Muhammad then why on earth the facebook team needed to have that competition "to draw the Muhammad day".

Islam's followers too should try to understand that just like something is prohibited in their religion similarly there are certain things which are prohibited in other's religion too. Hence people like M.F. Hussain should understand this while drawing the extremely outrageous pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

If a rule is applicable on one (i.e. Facebook), then it should be applicable on all(i.e. likes of M.F. Hussain too).

The wrongdoing of Lahore High Court was that instead of blocking those few pages they blocked the whole website. Not only Facebook, they went on to block some other websites too like Youtube.

One more thing which i don't understand is that why Saudi-Arabia and other Islamic countries (except: Bangladesh) didn't acted similarly towards Facebook. Is it that Pakistan wants to prove to the world that they are the true torch-bearers of Islam and nobody else..