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Although I am late in writing this stuff because the ban has been lifted already.. but still i feel both the parties included i.e Facebook and Pakistan (Lahore High Court bench to be precise) were at fault in some or the other way.

Its no doubt that the Facebook management is the main culprit for raising this issue and hence the prime accused because nobody in the civilised society (be it any individual or any organization) has the right to defame or malign any religion.
If something is treated as pious or prohibited in a particular sect than there is no reason for anybody else (having different religious tilt) to play with it or try to malign it. Since it is prohibited by Islam to draw caricatures of Allah or Muhammad then why on earth the facebook team needed to have that competition "to draw the Muhammad day".

Islam's followers too should try to understand that just like something is prohibited in their religion similarly there are certain things which are prohibited in other's religion too. Hence people like M.F. Hussain should understand this while drawing the extremely outrageous pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

If a rule is applicable on one (i.e. Facebook), then it should be applicable on all(i.e. likes of M.F. Hussain too).

The wrongdoing of Lahore High Court was that instead of blocking those few pages they blocked the whole website. Not only Facebook, they went on to block some other websites too like Youtube.

One more thing which i don't understand is that why Saudi-Arabia and other Islamic countries (except: Bangladesh) didn't acted similarly towards Facebook. Is it that Pakistan wants to prove to the world that they are the true torch-bearers of Islam and nobody else..


  1. 1. Pakistan does not want to prove anything. Nobody in other Muslims countries probably went to the court seeking a ban.

    2. Relevant pages must have been banned only. Pakistanis couldve given a better response by spreading the message of Islam and the love for the Prophet(peace be upon him) using that very forum of the hypocrites preaching 'freedom' of speech.

    3. Your MF Hussain argument is flawed. He has nothing to do with this issue. What he did was his personal thing. He didnt go out campaigning for drawing nude pictures and calling it freedom of speech. His actions cannot be used to 'question' millions of Muslims living across the globe. He didn't invite anyone to draw paintings that offend a particular section of his country.

    4. How 'original'is the title? :P

  2. ah.. thanks for the comment Natasha.


    1) Why none of the other Islamic countries went to the court seeking a ban.. that is what i am not able to understand ma'am.

    2) Agreed with the second point. Infact i too have made the same suggestion in my post regarding blocking of certain pages only.

    3) My arguements related to M.F. Hussain are not flawed. I am not saying that he has to do something with this issue. I am just equating it with this issue just like the media all-over equated the facebook issue with that of the Danish cartoonist issue.
    Regarding the "freedom of speech" thing ma'am.. let me make it very clear to you that he made many comments in this effect as his freedom of speech as well as "love for his culture". Only god knows how Hussain saab shows the love for his culture by painting nude pictures of reverred deities.
    Also he didn't painted these pictures to adorn them on his drawing room's wall. He made an exhibition of them and had all the business intentions just like Facebook had in this issue.

    4) The title is not original. I was going through one forum whereby i found this word/title and hence thought to use it. Later i thought to change it to "Facebannistan" but then left the idea and remained with this title only.
    Also for your reference and consideration i would like to tell you that the picture shown above in the post too is not made by me but i've taken it from internet. Only the write-up is mine in this case.
    (Thanks for this question btw.... i should have mentioned the source which i forgot to do)

  3. 1. I can't say. But if noone from other countries went and some people in Pakistan went to the court then that does not mean Pakistan is trying to be the flagbearer of Islam. It was not a suo moto action.

    2. What Hussain did is condemnable. What I am pointing out here, caling your argument flawed, is the fact that you're quoting Hussain's actions to justify 'questioning muslims'. The man is probably not known much outside India. Muslims are not answerable to what a particular man does. Facebook is used world wide. Danish media is not one person. It has influenced millions across the world including many in your own country :

    If Muslim media or some responsible Muslim body is involved in hurting sentiments of non-Muslims in the name of 'freedom' of speech - I will not hesitate in condemning them. Tell me if Hussain was endorsed by responsible people.

    His example can be used to show double standards of those who talk of freedom of speech. Those who think Muslims are the only ones who cannot digest this basic right.

    3. You dont have to 'clairfy' where you got that picture from :S .I just talked about the title coz I read the original stuff before I clicked on to your blog. Aur comment to banta thha! Chill !

  4. 1. I appreciate your answer.

    2. I am not questioning Muslims.. I just wanted to focus on people like M.F. Hussain. I never intended to defame any particular religion or sect.

    To tell you the truth.. I am having lot many Muslim friends (both guys and gals) and they are fantabulous person as well as achievers. We have never felt any differences ever.. i repeat any differences ever between us. I've been to their place number of times and they have been to my place number of times. I've visited many mosques myself.

    Why i am telling it to you is that.. i am not singling out the religion per se but only those rotten apples in it and its like.

    3. Don't say my write-up is not original (*smile*)
    [as u said that you have read the "original" stuff before you clicked on my blog] :)

    "Thanks for the comment dear"

  5. I was referring to the title only, not the content.

    You're welcome. Why don't you get some more traffic on your blog? Stop being anonymoys?!

  6. I am glad and thankful for you suggestion buddy.. will surely think over it.. :)

    For the time being, I can only say that, I reveal my identity to only those whom i respect.... for others.... i am just an ordinary "anonymous" blogger in this vast blogosphere..

  7. If youre sure youre not talking nonsense , you should be proud of expressing yourself as Sinha whether you respect someone or not.

    But kher , har kisi ka apni soch hoti hai. Keep writing !

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