Saturday, January 11, 2014

Recharge Your Hair..Recharge Your Life

A good hair day is all what is needed to freshen up the mood and evoke interest in the opposite sex !!
The question it possible ?? then the answer..i'll say is a thumping yes :)
who won''t like to have an arm candy with a nice smile and b'ful long and flowy hairs !!
 Recharging the hair..that is doing a good hair care prior to a visit to a temple is a must for every believer..
and that's what i did..for my recent visit to "Shirdi Sai-Baba"
Was carrying a "sunsilk" hair care shampoo [ ] in the toiletries segment of my carry-bag apart from the perfumes and the other ususal necessities..every guy should have..
After a long trip and an overnight journey one needs to freshen up for the "Darshan Aarti"..which i did perfectly :)

Recharge Your Hair..Recharge Your Life !!

Why i am emphasizing on a good hair care 'cuz it imparts the confidence which even wearing a perfume won't !! The attraction and the gaze/glimpse which the gals give is an add-on !!

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