Monday, January 24, 2011

Veena..Veena everywhere !!

Veena..veena everywhere !!
Kudos to veena malik..for she surely knows how to gain publicity :)

But in this case..whereby, she is being targeted by the fellow citizens of her country for being very cozy with Ashmit Patel on the Indian reality show BIGG BOSS - 4..I'll support Veena whole-heartedly 'cuz she has not done anything wrong by appearing in an Indian reality show.. why are people of pakistan singling out only Veena ??
..if they've so much hatred towards their people appearing in an Indian show.. They should've targeted "Begum Nawazish" too for misrepresenting Pakistani males..why such a bias towards Veena only ??

As far as Begum Nawazish is concerned why the torch-bearers of the faith are silent..why are they not targeting "him" for tarnishing the image of Pakistani males ?? Do they have any answers for this..

But.. I definitely didn't liked Veena's statement whereby she said that she made a "Kaafir" to offer "Namaaz"..Does that mean she was on a mission to convert people in India ??

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