Saturday, July 10, 2010

Octopus Paul..the soothsayer !!

The FIFA World Cup of 2010 has an unusual winner this time around and that too before the final wrap up of the events.
The Octopus..known as Octopus Paul.... has covered the limelight most in the world news and has been covered by almost all the news-channels across the globe.

Paul who is a two year old octopus..born at Sea Life Park, Weymouth, England and then shifted to Sea Life Aquarium at Oberhaussen, Germany has correctly foretold the results of matches invloving Germany. A 6 on 6 result by Paul has made him a superstar of this world-cup.

After correctly predicting the results of matches of Germany with Argentina, England, Ghana, Spain, Australia....Paul has come out with fresh predictions giving the third place to Germany and first place to Spain..

It is said that the two channels of German media stopped their programs to provide the live coverage of Paul's final matches' prediction whereby two food containers were lowered in Paul's container with his food. One of the container was having Spanish flag and the other was having Dutch flag (as Spain and Holland are in the finals).

Octopus Paul decided within 3 minutes and jumped on the food of the container bearing Spanish flag thereby predicting an easy win for Spain !!

P.S.: The westerners usually blame the south asians of being superstitious.... i dunno what they will call this phenomenon of theirs !!


  1. And did you know that there is a crocodile soothsayer now as well?

  2. that shows mankind is always interested in knowing the future.. we are curious creatures made by the almighty..

    but you know.. i believe its all a part of marketing.. first it was "waka-waka of Shakira" then "vuvuzela" and now.. "Octopus Paul"


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