Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nationwide Bandh..

India and Indians are preparing themselves for a nationwide bandh which has been called on by all the opposition parties against the issue of "Price Rise" on 5th of July 2010.
According to the newspaper report which i read in the morning.. it is believed that the effects of Bandh will be felt mostly in those states which are governed by Non-UPA parties.

Generally i do not support these "Bandhs" but the ruling central government has miserably failed in controlling the issue of price rise even when they boast of having an Economist as a Prime-Minister (Dr. Manmohan Singh) and an extremely learned Finance Minister (Mr. Pranab Mukherjee).

Dr. Singh is the most learned head of state in the present times which is a fact and it can't be disputed. Even American President Mr. Barack Obama hears him silently as a student whenever they meet in bilateral talks. This thing has been reported by the American Media itself.

But, I feel Dr. Singh has failed miserably in controlling the food grain prices as well as the Fuel prices. It was reported by some of the news channels that Food grains are getting wasted up, rottening in the godowns but the government is not acting proactively to check all these. Some months back the Sugar prices jumped up to touch new heights and later it was found and reported by news-channels that a huge amount of Sugar is kept in the godowns at the sea-ports.

When the "aam-aadmi" ....the mostly used term by the Congress party was just gearing himself for the food grain price rise that suddenly Mr. Mukherjee came up with his statement that the Government is going to remove its control from Petrol, Diesel and LPG thereby suddenly increaing the prices of these essential commodities.

The government has done extremely wrong thing by taking this step when they fully understand that Petro price hike has a spiralling effect on every other thing.

I feel its a correct stance which is being taken by the Opposition parties in a united manner to campaign against such unyielding government.

Congress has a punch line which says: "Congress ka Haath.. Aam-Aadmi ke Saath" but now i feel that "Congress ka Haath is not Aam-aadmi ke saath but Aam-Aadmi ki Jeb ke saath"

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