Saturday, May 1, 2010

Miss India - 2010

(L-R) Neha Hinge, Manasvi Mamgai with Nicole Faria

So.. after beating fifteen other girls, selected from all-over India for the "Ponds Femina Miss India - 2010" Manasvi, Neha and Nicole made it to one of the most sought after title by many girls in India.

Manasvi is a 22 year old model from Mumbai and Nicole is a 20 year old model from Bangalore whereas Neha is a 23 year old Software Engineer from Madhya Pradesh.

[Guys in the Modelling and Software fields are really lucky that they are surrounded by such beauties.. :) ]


  1. Whats so special about them that makes them win these titles I wonder. Quite ordinary looking girls.

    Next step - a sensual bollywood movie where the ladies will be required to do all sorts of derogatory stuff. Wait for Hashmi's next film.

  2. They say that these are beauties with brains..dunno 'bout the brain part but yes they are not that beautiful who will make any normal guy like me to be hooked on 'em..

    For me a b'ful girl with "tehzeeb" will always be an eternal Miss Universe even if she is not having any crown or a tiara supporting that claim.

    Yes, you are very correct in your analysis that their ultimate aim is to be a part of tinseltown whereby the likes of Hashmi's are their waiting for 'em with the stupid and erotic story of Bhatt's.


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