Monday, April 26, 2010

Matches made in heaven.. ?? Are you sure !!

A match-making process is surely an experience to remember for the lifetime..
there are so many facets and things involved that in the end the guy finds it out that everything is not that hunky-dory as is portrayed in the bollywood movies.

It all starts when the guy crosses the critical age bar of 25 years (this criticality of the age depends on the socio-economic background of the family hence is not a sacrosanct figure).

Once that age is reached, then even if the guy is having certain other dreams to pursue but the society (which includes neighbours, near relatives, distant relatives, friends and friend of friends)start giving free advices to the parents like: "arey wo srivastava jee ki ladki bahut khoobsurat hai, Engineering/MBA/MBBS kar liya hai..aapke ladke ke liye acchi jodi hai"

[In some other cases, when the concerned guy goes for a social gathering.. the relatives and friends start staring at you as though you are the next and we would like to have a feast at your function next !!]

and one day when the guy reaches his home he finds out that Srivastava jee is actually sitting there over a cuppa with his parents with the photographs of his daughter. One look at the photgraphs and u'll find out as though the girl is trying to woo you from the photograph itself (with loads of make-up off-course).
Then Srivastava jee starts praising the girls various qualities..which are highly unlikely for any person to have all of them together.

When he finds that the prospective groom's mother wants to have a simple girl with all the homely girl qualities then according to Srivastav jee his daughter is well versed with cooking, stitching, respecting Indian values and ethos as well as very religious minded and also Saree-wearing.

When the prospective groom's father wants his would be Bahu to be strong, confident, capable of taking care of a family, Srivastava jee has numerous examples to put forward his point for the same.

Then the viva-voce (torturous Q&A session) starts for the guy all with that idiotic smile on Srivastava jee's face ( as though he is thinking that "murga toh phans gaya").

Then a formal meeting is arranged whereby the guy and the gal can meet for the first time and probably the last time before getting betrothed.
At that meeting the guy finds that the gal has been to a parlour shop for last five hours for that "Aishwarya Rai" look. Also she has no qualms in wearing anything Jeans, Tank-tops to name a few.

(*God knows and only the girls father knows that how come the girl is goin to keep up the Indian ethos with that deep neck, tight-fitting Patiala dress*)

When every issue's are settled, a "Pandit" is summoned to fix a date to end the guy's free days and put him behind bars (jailed for life-time with the nuptial knots..)

[P.S.: The above post is purely fictitious]


  1. hmmm - Doesnt look like a fictitious account. Koi to shrivastav jee hain jinhon ne naak mein dum kar rakha hai!

    It's worse in the case of girls - boys are not that innocent!

  2. Hahaha..your comment brought a big smile on my face buddy :D

    Its purely fictious dear.. :)

    btw you are very correct that its worse in the case of girls..

    [hmm guys are not that innocent.. being a guy myself..i won't comment on it :) ]


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