Sunday, February 28, 2010

Holi : Solution to food-grain price rise !!

So the festival of colours has come, marking the end of winters and the harvesting season has started !!!! feels so nice.. yeah that is the sole reason why festivals are there for human-beings.. to feel happy and celebrate the efforts which they have put in for so long....

so we can expect that with the new crops (Rabi crops) coming up in the market.. the food-grain prices will come down and will give some cheers to nearly every citizen of our country....thus this Holi will be having greater essence and importance in the common men's life who are suffering from the price rise !!

May our expectations come true and may this festival of colour add colours to everyone's life.... till then:



  1. indeed everything should be balanced .n this r vry apt in othr situations bt as far our india is concerned---- this balance gets disturbed.It is not just through external factors called 'neighbours'....but sorry for being satirical..... it is also bcoz of our vry own 'internal reasons

  2. yeah..there are many other reasons and 'am not saying no to them..

    but the internal matters are getting aggravated by the external threats only.. that is what i feel !!

    (btw u've commented on a wrong post..this comment of yours is meant for "The Imperfect World" post of mine.. i guess :) )


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