Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hindi Teleserials = Chewing Gum

I wanted to write on this particular issue since long..but was refraining myself that probably good sense will prevail in the Hindi serial directors & producers but after such a long wait....nothing of that seems in the horizon also !!

To be very clear at the outset itself.. I am not a fan of any Hindi T.V. serial but 'am not against them also.... since they appeal and generate interest in many other people.
After the demise of the teleserials made by our very own soap-queen (K)Ekta Kapoor, it was thought that there will be some new series on offer whereby stories will end when the main plot on which the story revolves is revealed..
It all started-off well with new directors providing new stories based on new themes and new plots....they got huge fan followings too.. but probably these directors and producers do not understand that it is better to wrap up a show(product) when it is on the Maturity phase of its life cycle 'cuz that makes the teleserial to be remembered even after ages of its end (for instance "Ramayana", "Mahabharata", "Buniyaad", "Hum-Log", "Chandrakaanta", "The Jungle Book" etc.)

Some people have a different say to that and they differ to my point saying that we are having lot many "Reality Shows" coming up these days..i respect this point of view and those shows had been respected too like "Kaun Banega Crorepati", "MTV Roadies", "Indian Idol" but again in this genre of "Reality T.V." shows there are so many stereotypes which came and are coming up everyday, which on the pretext of reality are interested in showing vulgarity like "Emotional Attyachar" or are just trying to give the same product in a new bottle, like "Iss jungle se mujhe bachao" and numerous songs and dance shows !!

We can only expect that a good sense will prevail and we will be able to watch some masterpiece in coming years....

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