Thursday, October 2, 2008

Searching Life.....

Yesterday, while lying on my bed….
With stars above and no shed…..

I was thinking about the colors of life
….whether they are blue, green or red???

In these torrid times….when there is
no security even to walk and to tread….
Many like me have to go miles
to earn our daily bread….

So I don’t understand why some people feel happy
by wounding many and killing hundred’s dead….

There are many ways available
to put our points with holding high head…..
cuz. someone has once said that
“an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” and
a place where even saints would fear and dread….

Oh god!! please open your arms
to make the love spread….
And make this world a beautiful place
for every Ram, Rahim and Fred…..


  1. Did you write it yourself? (:

  2. nice one dude..
    well if u r intrested in stuff abt life do chck out my blog at

  3. It's one awesome poem... very, very beautifully written and touching... I'm in a trance... (:

  4. Momal: Thanx 4 ur kind n b'ful words.....u knw when u feel sumthng from ur heart then it becomes touching n b'ful.....

  5. Sanchit: Thanx 4 the link my friend....I'll surely visit them....

  6. Nice post (Y). I like the words "...And make this world a beautiful place
    for every Ram, Rahim and Fred…"

    A beautiful place it would be if there is peace for everyone...

  7. Haris: You are absolutely correct

  8. It really is a beautiful poem =)
    And I like the new layout of your blog.

  9. Thanks Spotlesssoul for the b'ful words !!
    It was pleasant to see you after such a long period. Hope u'll stay this time around. :)

  10. Yeah dun worry :) I plan to stay this time, inshAllah :P And i never went anywhere, was just 'silent' =)

  11. hmm.. so Ms. Spotlesssoul was Ms. Silentsoul for these days.. :)

    hey 'am following u on twitter..

  12. Lolz... Jee =)


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