Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hinduism - A Scientific Religion

Yep….Hinduism is the most scientific religion till date mankind has ever seen….

But before writing anything on such a vast topic, I would like to put a disclaimer stating that these are my views as well as understandings and perceptions for the great religion called “Hinduism” – the “Satya” and “Sanaatan” Dharma.

“Satya” and “Sanaatan” i.e. the true and divine because Hinduism is based on the four pillars of “Anant Gyan” i.e. Infinite Knowledge which are the four Vedas namely – Rigveda, Samveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda.

But the scientific world which is mostly based on the western aspects of knowledge and which believes in the power of marketing the pre-existent theories in the name of new scientific inventions has blindfolded the world populace at large regarding the absolute truth.
But still I respect the present western learning and inventions because they have made the understanding very simple.

Just take for instance that we all are aware about the big-bang theory regarding the formation of universe but if you will go through the Hinduism’s “Samveda” or the “Naadbrahma”; you will come to know about the fact that the life came into existence with a great “Naad” or the sound. This sound is “OM”. Because we all are aware about the fact that whenever a big-bang occurs, the sound generated will always be that of “OM”.

According to Hindu beliefs “OM” is the sound of Lord Shiva or “Mahadeva” who is considered as unborn and ever existent…..who was there even before the formation of the whole universe and will remain even after its end.
The Almighty….the most powerful Shiva or Mahadeva because he is above all Deva’s i.e. gods and goddesses.

One more generalization can be developed at this time since we know that Lord Shiva is considered as god of destruction and virtual end….who is represented as the phallic structure in black for revering and worshipping. This black phallic structure of Mahadeva Shiva is the representation of Black Hole, the place of getting Nirvana and Moksha because we all human beings of the 21st century know that whatever matter enters into a black hole can’t ever come back…..similarly it is said in Hinduism that when your soul or the “Aatma” meets the “Paramatma” or the almighty….you attain divinity and go beyond the cycle of birth and death.

Again there is a misconception and misrepresentation that Hinduism believes in multitude of gods and goddesses; which is not true to its core. Basically Hinduism revolves around the science of – (G)eneration; (O)peration and (D)estruction i.e. GOD whereby each part is specifically described and hence to put a head to all the three actions, the trinity of god is perceived i.e.
Lord Brahma for Generation
Lord Vishnu for Operation, and
Lord Shiva for Destruction

Now since generation and destruction are basically constant and not changeable as compared to operations hence Lord Vishnu is worshipped in various forms who appeared & reincarnated from time to time as per the requirements of different era’s and hence the saying:

“yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharataha
abhiyuthhanam adharmasya tadatmanam shrijamiyaham”

“paritranaay saadhunaa, vinaashay cha dushkritaam
dharmasansthapnaarthaya, sambhavaami yugay yugay”

Which means that whenever and wherever there is destruction of dharma i.e. truth and love in this world….I will come on this world to remove the miseries
Also the second shloka says that whenever there is destruction of “saadhu” i.e. the truth seeker and the love and order setter; I will come to put an end to the death and destruction…..I will take birth for setting the dharma i.e. truth, love, compassion and order in every era….every epoch….every time…..

Thus it has been seen that the god himself or in the form of his messenger sends the messiah from time to time on earth for setting an example; either in the form of Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mahatma Buddha, Paigambar Muhammad, Jesus Christ or Guru Nanak Dev….

And that is why there is space for multitude of gods and goddesses because Hinduism is not rigid but flexible to incorporate everything.

Hence wherever there is Hindutva on this world there is space for revering and worshipping of god in any form…..either in the form of idol or stone’s or human formation or symbols or in non-idol form.

Thus Hinduism is the religion and culture of scientific approach, universal brotherhood, love, compassion, coexistence and above all respect for each other……


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