Thursday, September 9, 2010

India..symbol of secularism, unity & brotherhood

(A Muslim lady taking her young son to school to participate in a Janmashtami function....)

so what if some of the people in the world are interested in looking at the wrong side of Indian secularism only..there is a beautiful "INDIANISM" which resides in every Indian's heart and that is the true inspiration for the thought called INDIA !!


  1. Is this post somehow INSPIRED? =P

  2. yes you are correct..

    inspired by the love of a feeling called INDIA and by the hatred of some people towards the same feeling..

  3. Nobody hates your love for your country. But yes those who ignore the wrongs committed and try to show criminals as angels must be condemned. You know what I mean.

  4. Like the tweet I see in your sidebar for my beloved country - that's what is called 'hatred'. You generalized the morality of 18 crore people by the actions of three cricketers. That is called hatred =) and if you want to judge the awam by cricket then Im sure youve heard about the country that has been called the hub of spot-fixing business . I don't see a word about your own morality =)

  5. Those people whom you consider criminals are criminals in your perspective.. to be very clear.. i am also not a fan of those people/individuals. Let me clarify this to you once and for all..those people whom you consider as innocents while blaming the others as criminals were not that innocent too.

    As far as my tweet is was related to a journalists question regarding the concerned matter. It was nowhere meant to downplay the morality of your fellow countrymen.. I know there are many good people like Edhi at your end too.. so chill :)

  6. Ofcourse I think 2000 plus people cannot be criminals. May be you do.

    I just quoted your words about morality. Whether they were directed at someone else or not does not matter. The idea and the hatred belongs to you Narendra.

    You can have a look at this and then probably have a discussion on this too - I didnt see Sardesai writing anything on Indian morality. He seems too occupied with his neighbours I guess.

    I know there are people like Salman Khan in your country too and hence I don't generalize 100 crore plus people based on what a few cricketers might be upto. Not even our journalists :)

  7. Seems you are interested in talking about that Gujarat incident only.. i would like to ask you about those people in that ill fated train.. who got an untimely and the worst demise from the people of a specific community..what was the fault of those "kar-sevaks" in that train ??
    I believe whatever happened after that was also a dark spot on India's image.. but since it seems that the world over is hell bent on tarnishing the image of a single man for those riots (just because he is the chief minister of that state) as though he is the main accused behind plotting the whole incident....this is what i am opposed to..
    Also, as the matter is subjudice.. it is not correct to consider a person as "the accused" for the incident.

    He is one of the best leaders of the country and that is a proven fact.

    Now if people like you consider my such stance as hateful.. then i can't help it..

    Again, regarding the link provided by you and the report mentioned therein.. i am not denying it..
    Probably you have gone through one of my earlier posts whereby i've mentioned about "State based differentiation".. which i feel is a part of corruption itself.. in my country.

    Also, i have mentioned the name of Salman Khan because he kind of gave a clean chit in his observation to Pakistan government for the Mumbai incident.. then i would like to recommend you to respect Balasaheb Thackeray too as he has said that Salman is right when all the others were seeking his (Salman's) apologies..

    Natasha.. leaving aside all the topics, issues etc. i just want to tell you that.. i don't know why but i always find people from your country supporting only Muslims of India whether they are wrong or right and anyone in India who is pro-Hindu is thought of as a villain at your end....this is what i don't like.
    Just ponder over it and then try to find whose "morality" is at stake..

    P.S.: Please do not consider it as any kind of personal attack on you or your countrymen.. i speak what i feel is true..

  8. Hahaha...who is Salman Khan to issue us a clean chit? Come on. I have grown up loving this man. Still do and I mentioned him because of the Humanitarian work he does. Salman khan se endorsement lene ki zaroorat nahin hai for something I strongly believe in. It was due to 'BEING HUMAN'

    I never talked about who started what in gujrat...I talked about the genocide. STATE-SPONSORED massacre. If you are justiying slitting thousands of human being for what a BUNCH of them did - I don't know what to say to you.

    The matter is subjudice but there are clear facts and proofs of the man's involvement. Hitler was also a GREAT administrator!So no I don't buy this 'innocent until proven guilty' theory for that man and his cronies. Everyone in India knows what he's done.

    I dont take it as a personal attack or anything. But the fact is that you made an unfair statement regarding MORALITY of a nation , one of the largest in the world taking not even a BUNCH of cricketers as example while highlighting a RARE picture , showing the greatness of your secularism while the truth is that life at Ayodhya has become abnormal WEEKS before the babri masjid verdict is to be announced.

    Think about it.

  9. I know what kind of political ideology you have.. and i don't have any time and energy to indulge in an affair of explaning the same point again and again to a person who believes that whatever she thinks is the ultimate truth of the world..

    Regarding your perception of the picture being a RARE one.. i've no comments for that.... i know such a scene is IMPOSSIBLE at your end and that is why you consider such stuffs as RARE which actually are a regular feature at our end and that is what is true secularism.. I know you wouldn't have seen it at your end and will never ever see it IF you remain there..


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