Friday, August 13, 2010

The Festive Season sets in..

was out of station.. was sufferring from fever..
was not interested in writing any stuff..

But jus thought to write a few lines about this festive season which started from the beginning of the pious month of "Shraavan" (Saawan)..
The month of Lord Shiva..People fast and pray..visit temples to offer their prayers to the supreme lord of this world.. Mahadeva Shiva

Yesterday was "Hariyali Teej" and i've come to know that Islamic pious month of Ramadan too has begun from yesterday. I was just wondering that it was "Hariyali Teej" yesterday i.e. it was the third day after the "Amavasya" then how come Ramadan started from the Third day of the moon 'cuz i've heard that Ramadan starts from the First day of the moon after "Amavasya"..

Also, "Ganesh Chaturthi" is on 11th of September.. and as the name falls on "Chaturthi" i.e. 4th day after the "Amavasya". Again, the islamic festival of "Eid-ul-Fitr" is coinciding with "Ganesh Chaturthi" i.e. on 11th of September.. Now..i can't is it possible that "Eid" is falling on 4th day after "Amavasya" when the word "Eid ka Chaand" refers to the moon after the first day of "Amavasya"

Ok....leaving it aside.... we are going to have Parsi's (Zoroastrian's) New Year on 19th of August and the most beautiful festival for celebrating the bond between Brother and Sister on 24th of August..i.e. "Rakshabandhan" !!

But...... we are having one of the best day scheduled on this sunday.. and that is
"15th of August".... the Independence Day (Swatantrata Divas).. the day India got independence from the British Rule....

"Happy Independence Day" and "Happy Festive season" to all of you !!

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