Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kashmir: From the perspective of a common Indian (Part III)

The three parties which are associated in this issue revolving around Kashmir have their own perspectives for it.

Perspective of China:

China wants its connectivity with Xinjiang province to be emboldened hence it wants to have only those parts of kashmir which are geographically connected to its Northern province of Xinjiang (Aksai Chin)

Perspective of Pakistan:

Pakistan wants to secure its water resources for the future hence it wants to capture the origin of its most precious river i.e. Indus and its tributaries.

Perspective of India:

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is a part of Indian Union with a valid proof (i.e. Instrument of Accession signed by the king of Jammu & Kashmir himself).

Some points to ponder:

a) If Pakistan Government says that they are worried about Kashmiri's then why they have acceded the part of land (Shaksgam Valley) which belongs to the Kashmiri's to the Chineese ??

b) Why does Pakistan only shows concerns for the Kashmiri Muslims but never has voiced its concerns for the Kashmiri Pandits ??

There are many issues which are associated with Kashmir and hence needs more attention and not just the military presence on the Indian side of the border. I've just tried to be precise on certain issues and it is one of my humble try to focus on the important issues of Kashmir.

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