Monday, March 22, 2010

Kashmir: From the perspective of a common Indian

Kashmir..the name itself is so beautiful that it evokes sensation, interest and respect.
Since childhood, i've heard this saying about Kashmir:

"Agar Dharti par kahin swarg hai....toh yahin hai..yahin hai..yahin hai !!"
(If there is any heaven on earth then it's's's here *at kashmir*)

I exactly don't know that when was this statement first used or said..but i feel it was written in Kalhan's book "Rajtarangini" for the first time which deals with the Hindu Kingdom of Kashmir and the present day SWAT region of Pakistan (though i haven't read this book hence whatever i know is what i've heard about it)
Even it is mentioned in most of the places that to present a wrong picture of Hindu Kings the compilation has been changed many times by some Muslim rulers too (but again i would like to say that i've only read it somewhere on internet hence can't authenticate)

About 200 years before independence, it was under Sikh confederacy, which included areas of present Indian Kashmir, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir,Aksai Chin, some areas of NWFP (present day Pakistan) and areas of Indian and Pakistani Punjab. Hence what can be observed is that "Kashmir" as a separate province or principality had never been there in existence. Even the present status of Jammu and Kashmir region (including Indian Kashmir, Pakistani Kashmir and Chineese kashmir plus the area ceded by Pakistan to China) was the area which came into existence after various British annexations from various small kings.
Hence the Kashmir upto the reign of Maharaja Hari Singh was not only Kashmir but the whole Jammu and Kashmir region.

After independence when Kashmir wanted to remain free..and didn't wanted to join either India or Pakistan, India accepted the idea but Pakistan had some other plans. They wanted to overrun and attack the Jammu and Kashmir region and hence had a nefarious plan made out too.
They did exactly what they are doing now also. They sent their army under the garb of local tribesmen and presented that its the mujahideen who are attacking..which clearly shows their double-game over Kashmir since 1947.
These so-called warriors or mujahideens killed lacs of innocent people and raped thousands of women. When the Kings army found it difficult to fight with a mightier force..he asked for help from India and accepted the plan of the then Governor General Of India Lord Mountbatten and signed the Instrument of Accession which made India to protect the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir from the plight.

Thus it is the legal document which proves that the whole Jammu and Kashmir is Indian region.
(*to be continued*)

(P.S.: This is my personal view regarding the history of the State of Jammu and Kashmir with reference to all which I have read or heard somewhere and hence is not the authorised version of any organisation, state or country)

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