Saturday, February 6, 2010

The IPL-3 and the issue regarding Pakistani Players

it has been widely covered in the media these days that pakistani players were kept out of the IPL auction this time around.. even when they are current T-20 champions..

some people from our neighbouring country were very fast in lamenting that it has been done on the advice of Government of India just to teach them a lesson or two....but it seems a very childish allegation 'cuz they are not the policy makers in the Government of India that they are knowing who is taking what decision..

Again what media is trying to tell us is that it was a collective decision of the franchisee owners....which can be accepted because IPL is a kind of club cricket whereby the decision of who will be the team-members and who will be the captain, coach etc. is being taken by the franchisee ownners.
Shilpa Shetty (co-owner of Rajasthan Royals) was correct in saying that as a team owner, it is their responsibility to look for the safety and security of their team and if they find that it is difficult for them to provide adequate security to certain players then why should they opt for them ?

even i would like to agree on her saying....just imagine a scenario whereby some of the pakistani players get hurt due to some untoward incidents then again there will be problems brewing up between the two nations.

I dunno what made Mr. Shah Rukh Khan to say that he wanted to take Pakistani players in his team.... if he wanted to take them then why didn't he bid for them in the auction.... if he could have provided all the necessary security to the concerned individuals, he should have made a bid for them.
To comment on certain things after that thing gets over and you were not able to do it at that time itself is idiotic....and Mr. Khan is acting in that manner only.

Also after going through a news item on the internet that Sohail Tanveer (a pakistani bowler) said in an Interview in a pakistani channel after the IPL snub..that "Hinduon ki zahaniyat aisi hi hoti hai" (Hindus are like this only)

I feel it is one of the correct stance taken by the IPL franchisee owners to not to include such idiotic religious fanatics in the garb of players to enter in our country.


  1. Since it's security and not politics , world cup venue should be changed and India should give away it's right to host the event.

    What Sohail said is condemnable.What Shahrukh said makes no difference to us.

  2. I feel, the subcontinent is the best place which can offer the required security to the game of cricket as it is the passion at this part of the world.

    Thus a place where cricket is religion and the cricketers its messengers, then do u feel anybody would like to harm them and even if some external agencies are interested in playing spoilsport, do you think the others will keep mum ??


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