Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Differentiation.... is one feeling in the human-beings which has been pursued since ages....
just to show that their clan or community is better than the "others"
There are many types of differentiation being done these days on various lines....but i am moved by one which is increasing day by day in the financial hub of our county.....Mumbai.
The Shiv-Sena and the MNS....waging a war of words and speaking rubbish things, just to gain some votes and gain some political mileage and clout.... they don't understand that such differentiations will not only hamper the country's growth but also will be detrimental for Mumbai and Mumbaikars as many industries too will shy away from investing in such a place where such a "state based differentiation" persists.....
I feel that must be one of the reasons of TATA taking its Nano project to Gujarat, by-passing Maharashtra which was a front-runner in getting that project after the Singur crisis....

Its high time now and the "Marathi Manoos" should understand the need of all inclusive growth....'cuz growth can never happen in it regional or religional......

For instance: US and some of the European countries made tremendous growth because of all-inclusive approach whereas Saudi-Arabia with all its Petroleum reserves is still nowhere in the growth stage and is heavily dependent on many nations for various aspects......


  1. How come a terrorist organization is strong enough to influence business decisions?

  2. Firstly, they are not "terrorist" organisations per se. These parties viz Shiv-Sena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) are regional political parties and they are having elected members (MLA's) in the Maharashtra State Assembly too.

    Also, as i've mentioned in my post that they thrive on "differentiations" to garner their support hence they try to tickle the "sons of the soil" approach as and when it suits them.

    They are similar to all those parties in your country who are against MQM (Muttahida Quami Movement) and thus do a differentiation towards "Mohazirs" and "Bengali Muslims" who shifted from India and Bangladesh to Pakistan.

    Hence at your end it is "Ethnic" differentiation like issues of Baloch, Mohazirs, Sindhis, Pashto's etc. and at our end it is "Linguistic" differentiation.

  3. There is no party in Pakistan that targets MQM or any other party for ethnic reasons.That's a totally different thing.

    I have always heard negative stuff about RSS.Their ideology , the way they behave with a section of Indian community , their views about Pakistan.Sounds like a 'phadday-baz' outfit more than a political organization.

  4. hey....i guess RSS is being misrepresented by the media houses at your end. Let me put some issues straight (as far as my knowledge is concerned):

    RSS is not a political organization, their agenda is social upliftment and bringing a sense of respect for the unified culture and respect for the motherland. Probably the media houses at your end are representing them as anti-minority..which again is a misplaced notion. See there are certain small organisations which do some mischeivous work and since the small organisations are not that known outfit hence what media houses could be doing is putting an RSS tag on every mischief and miscreant monger.

    If you will be reading their history then you will find that RSS was established prior to our independence and mostly it had worked as an opposition towards congress's misrule/rule, just like Mr. Jinnah did after 1940.

    Hence the negativity being aired about RSS is not all true.

    (Btw i really liked that word "phadday-baz" hehehe.......sounds cute !! )

  5. Nah - This view regarding Shiv Sena has been formed after watching a couple of documentaries (made my Indians) on youtube , some BBC stories , after following some discussions amongst Indians on social networking websites and Indian media itself.

    RSS/Shiv Sena and BJP they all follow one BASIC ideology.May have other differences but basically they have the same roots.That's what I have learned after following Indian and Neutral sources.These organizations dont get much coverage in our media.

  6. For Siv-Sena and MNS..yeah you are correct. They have done so many wrongs in the recent past that they are having more opposition than supporters.


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