Thursday, January 7, 2010

Zardari vows to wage ‘100-yr ideological war’ over Kashmir

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What a stupid and idiot fellow Zardari is..
instead of trying to find some way of resolving an issue, he the so-called head of a failed state is making a comment which will take his country no-where but in an abyss for not only 100 years; but more than 100's of years....
"Bhagwan inn murkhon ko sadbuddhi de !! "


  1. Countries don’t come into existence overnight and there is a long and hard struggle behind every political success, especially if it results in carving out independent land for a group of people. Take for example Bangladesh. Bengali as a language was never embraced by the country, Bengalis culture, history, and traditions were neither accepted nor celebrated by non-Bengalis. And this sense of us versus them finally drove Bengalis over the edge and tragically, Pakistan was divided after a humiliating defeat by the Indians. And, judging from today’s Pakistan, it is painfully obvious that people in Pakistan either don’t know their own history, or they don’t care about it. Otherwise, the current campaign against a man who stood up for Pakistan when his beloved wife was murdered in Punjab would not have gone as far as we see it today. It has to stop, or God forbid, it would put Pakistan on a path that is painful, bloody, and dreadful.

  2. Thanx for your comment dear..

    But i dunno why people try to find out differences among themselves and then try to divide on those lines..instead of working towards a greater common solution..
    The term "political success" as mentioned by you is nothing but a mirage of a make belief world..

    "Political Success" is that whereby your policies are such that you are able to cater to various individuals and groups who are completely different in every aspect but still are living under one common identity..and that identity is essential for all of them....

    It is very easy to find the solution in divisiveness..even animals do that then what is the need of being so much civilised and being human beings..

    The division of 1947 was also an example of extremely short-sightedness whereby two individuals having there own political ambitions of being the head of state..divided a beautiful nation having people with so much warmth in their heart in two pieces.. and made them to bleed till today....

    Hence even if Mr. Zardari is very good human-being but if he is making such a comment..then he too is falling in the same category of human-beings who should be abhorred..

  3. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  4. Thanx dear for appreciation..
    I'll try to keep it up....

  5. as usual no words of wisdom frm Mr.Zardari who only seems to b following the traits of his failed predecessors....these orthodox ideologies will lead it nowhere other thn total catastrophy whose signs are evident in current scenario...well well wht more cn u expect frm a failed leader of a separatist state...

  6. I appreciate your comments as well as emotions ma dear..
    Mr. Zardari is surely living in a fools paradise !!


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