Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Visit Continues....

sorry dear for not being in touch for a looooonnnnng period of time....
it seems that now to continue with my older visit's description doesn't holds any meaning at this point of time....but still since i had said n promised to u dat i'll continue with it by mentioning "to be contd".... i'll complete it first.....

yep....after the "Mumbai darshan" or u can say that vsit to mumbai it was time for me to pack ma bags n rush to Pune.....
As such there are numerous ways of goin to Pune from Mumbai....but i followed the tried n tested route which was advised to me through my office that is gettin in a Volvo from Dadar n really it was a b'ful trip....it was six in the morning....atmosphere was pretty good n everything was looking very fresh....probably i was in a positive frame of mind.....
ok so when the bus started of...i was thinkin that what the hell i'll be doing alone...no doubt the movie which was being played was a comedy one..."Golmaal Returns" but it was not making me that much of attracted towards it......
hmm.....now as they say that if u want sumthng really from ur heart then the world conspires to provide it to u.....( woh kehte hain naa: itni shiddat se muhabbat ki hai k har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai)....so i was lucky enough that my side seat was acquired by a pretty damsel....n the trip was b'ful (no pun intended).....
Even the road trip to Pune is a joyride of sorts.....throughout the journey u'll be attracted towards one or the other things like b'ful western ghats (mountain range) n the scenic beauty of Lonavala n Khandala......

Pune the young city.....made me to think that is it really so young.....cuz my very first visit there was at Chinchwad...which is at the outskirts of Pune......but when i moved inside the heart of the city......Hingewadi, Morwadi, Deccan and Senapati Bapat Marg....then i realised that yep the younger generation really outnumbers the older one's......hence i was happy dat i was able to find likeminded people there.....
I was lucky enough to find out one of my school friends there n the rest as they say is history....it was really fun filled outings in the evening.....
I had heard a lot bout Osho Ashram in Pune and courtesy my friend I was there at Koregaon Park.....the most known place in Pune....it s a b'ful ashram n u really find urself in another world (pun intended).... cuz u'll find more foreigners than Indians......
Okay i'll leave it at that only....so as they say everything which starts off has to end also....so i came back to ma b'ful home.....but now i had some b'ful memories which came with me.....

ohho i forgot to mention that we got some enquiries n offers too as a result of my meetings during the visit in the range of 2 crores i.e. Rs. 20 million.....


  1. thats good for you =)
    well, theres a loooot of places in bombay as well as pune that are really worth visting.. u shud've gone to chandni chowk in pune, its a beautiful view of the city in the evening and twilight =D and even sinhaghad is a great place to go to.. plus theres a snake park, if u are interested in animals or reptiles..
    lonavla is another trip on its own.. but its too crowded i think..
    bombay mein theres a LOT of stuff to see other than the temples and dargas.. no doubt they are good.. you seem to be a very religious person so they'd appeal to you..

    and congrats on the deal again.. =)

  2. Narendra Sinha10 May, 2009 14:04

    Seeking Serenity: Thanks for your comments....Do visit this blog....

  3. I couldn't get most parts of your post... the names I mean ):
    What in ashram btw? :S
    And 2 crore... wow... that's a huge amount of money :P

  4. Siras: Thanks my friend....really liked ur comment....n yep warm welcome to my blog....do visit it regularly....as such 'am not a regular blogger 'cuz it becomes difficult many a times to take time out....but i'll surely make it a point to write in my blog.....

    Momal: Heartiest thanks to u my friend....
    An "ashram" stands for a humble attempt at authentic living. relying on community and conversation for holistic answers to fractured questions (according to wikipedia)
    I always like to see ur response....

  5. But I still didn't get the meaning of ashram ):

  6. wiki it girl..

    basically "ashram" has many different meanings..
    in ancient times the kings and royalty would send their sons to ashrams, all the future princes and whos who of the kingdom, to be taught the various arts..
    but since the last couple of centuries, ashrams have been started by people like gandhiji and other prominent people working for a cause, to help humanity, to help people understand and deal with spiritutality, to help with "connecting with their inner self", or sometimes just to take care of people who are in need and arent helped by the society, downtroddens, untouchables, widows, people suffering from leprosy, until recent years, these people were all looked down upon and humiliated.. so people runnin ashrams would take them in, help them, teach them to take care and support themselves, teach them to read and write sometimes, treat them for illnesses.. etc etc etc..

    but the ashrams mentioned HERE, are run by self proclaimed sages, or babas as they're called, u go to the ashram, there u have to do most of your work yourself i think.. and the use of electronics is minimal too.. and they probably have different sessions, for yoga and meditation and exercises and i dunno spiritual strength or whatever, where theres other people to do it along with you.. you are given modest quarters and simple living is promoted.. no pcs or laptops i hope.. i havent been to any of these places and if i ever do go, it'll only be for photography..

    these places are usually located away from cities or dense civilization, more bcoz of the area and land prices coz they usually sprawl acres and acres.. and if ur buying 40-50 acres at a time, u cant afford it at 2 crore per acre :-| if not more..

    i forgot to mention, sometimes these ashrams have their own healers, spritual healers.. or ayurvedic.. or both.. they practice and teach stuff like reiki too i guess..
    the buildings and gardens etc are usually well tended to coz the organization or person running the place usually have their pockets full coz of all the donations that come in from the bhakts..
    the only thing im not quite sure of is if u have to pay to stay there or if its free..

    thats all i know from people's talk and people's work and my own assumptions..

    mr.sinha, i hope i didnt butt in too much trying to explain to her what an ashram means, since this is your blog :P please dont mind.. i like to blabber..
    and i hope i painted an appropriate picture of an ashram for Mo.. though I might be a little against them, young and restless as i am..

    Thank You! \^.^/

  7. Momal: you can hav a look at "faithlessdream's" comment....but don't mind 'cuz i'll let u know bout it in an explained manner but for the time being i can only tell u that what is known as a "Madrassa" in Urdu/Persian is more or less similar to "Ashram" in Hindi/Sanskrit....Although I am not a religious kinda person but I believe I know what a normal human-being should know about anything under the sun....

    Faithless Dream: Dear, first of all i would like to thank you 4 visiting ma blog....and secondly i would like to thankyou for a good explanation to Momal's query....
    but there's a word of caution which i would like to tell every reader regarding your explanation that it is not the exact explanation....most of the stuff which u've tried to highlight are not true like the land prices and the reasons of ashram's being located in outskirts.....'cuz the "ashram" regarding which i've mentioned in ma blog is located very much in the heart of the city which is one of the posh area in that city....again ashram is not restricted for scions of Kings and queens per se....but it is for everyone who is seeking serenity and knowledge.....
    I am not a religious guy who believes in praying or following a particular way of life...but i am a practical pragmatic person who respects the truth in any religion and abhors the wrong deeds of any religion.....
    coming back to the meaning u can explain it to anyone that an "ashram" is a school and please don't try to believe on any hearsay as a sacrosanct truth 'cuz u've mentioned that this is what u know as per what people say.....
    Being a youngster myself I may be sounding a bit offensive but truly speaking i liked ur way of reaching out to people in clearing their doubts....

  8. and i forgot to mention, heres that ashram u went to ka site =D


    its more for Mo.. maybe this'll give her a better idea..

    and I spent last night watching Bambi and Bambi II.. >:P I have NO problems or qualms in writing long long comments.. :P Your comment list is actually longer than your post itself.. :P

    but u write in short, thats nice.. if it were me writing i'd probably write every teeny tiny detail from the how the taxi wala looted me at the airport, how tedious it is to travel through the traffic jams but still how lovely the place is that u can go out to marine drive or carter road at two in the morning and still find it pretty crowded, funny, i've never been to mahalaxmi temple or haji ali or siddhivinayak or mount mary church.. the last religious place i went to in bombay was probably the Mahim church and that too I didnt go inside, it was bazaar day and it was too crowded :-| A wednesday I think.. I've never been to ajmer :'(
    Juhu beach is dirty and crowded.. :-| but its fun anyway :P theres another beach nearby that isnt as crowded :-s but that has its downside of free shows all over the place >:P :-& And I pay no heed to celebrities and dont care where any of them live :-| and he does live in Jalsa anyway i think.. hes got another house nearby.. who knows.. who cares :-??
    The Taj Mahal hotel.. hmmmm.. I probably have some good pics of it from the last time I went there, I always wanted to see the Marine Drive after dark, never been allowed :-s I will i will, one day i will.. :D me and my trusty cam :P

    then about pune i'd probably mention the 50 odd army trucks and jeeps i saw on the way going in single file and rarely overtaking, to the monkeys on the express highway, to what i saw in the snake park and the looovely toy train.. and the bus trip.. ughhhh.. five and a half hours! and my brother sleeping beside me! i swear, you are ONE lucky guy!
    Lonavla is like a cross between Bombay and pune.. but if u went by bus you completely missed the main city, good for you :D.. it sucks anyway, unless u like chikkis or wanna take them home for whoever you want.. =)
    and I'd have written about how lovely the whole city looks in the evening from chandni chowk.. and the last time i went there i was lucky enough to be taken to a new place which everyone refers to as tekdi coz thats exactly what it is :-| but its still weird.. its like calling a dog, "dog!" :-| and theres a quarry there.. and watching the sunset from there is awesome too.. not to forget the two wheelers and most of the females looking covering up their heads xD thats seriously hilarious but nice in a way too.. you dont get recognised by ur relatives :P especially if ur out somewhere with someone you shouldnt be.. hahhahahah

    anyway, :P that would have been there if I would have written about my trips to those two places.. sadly, i know, if i start writing, i'll end up getting tired and leaving it and never getting back to it, well maybe not.. :P maybe i'll write about my last trip to pune, i wanted to.. but then again.. i dunno :-s im sad :(
    and i still hate you Mo :) ur a dash person :) :)

  9. Faithlessdream: Dear, i dunno much bout u, but i can very well make out dat ur from maharashtra....(if 'am not wrong)....den its quite understandable that u can write tons of ur experiences of those two cities....but really i enjoyed ur post very-much....
    yep i knw i am writing in short lengths 'cuz i believe in shorts to be sweet....
    i would like to share an experience of a local bus-ride once in Pune....u'll find one side of the bus being exclusively kept for the womenfolk and its mentioned in marathi as "fukt mahilasathi"....it was so hilarious.....one more stuff which can make anyone laugh at are some of the names of the place's at Pune....

    okay leaving it aside....my friend i wanna tell u one thing if u allow me to....and that is to hate someone and get hatred in return is very simple but to love somebody n make that person love u is a bit difficult stuff....so why don't u try to do dat stuff which is challenging and more satisfying.... (pardon me if it seems as a lecture n forget it if u don't like it)

  10. very well make out? hhhahaha.. i'd like to say that u'd be dumb not to make that out.. but i shall refrain.. lol.. after i've already mentioned it xD
    short and sweet.. hmm.. well, i believe in attention to detail, and i write, i write for myself, so if im writing about a place, and i have a bad memory, so when i read it, a couple of months later, maybe a few years later, i shud be able to remember every little detail bcoz i believe its the small small things that make ur life beautiful every day.. may it be a leaf in the puddle of clear water, barely touching the surface and sitting on it.. may it be that sticker you cut out in ur childhood and stuck on ur cupboard door that u see everyday but only sometimes really notice.. now if i only mentioned that i went here and here and here, and as i said before, i have a bad memory, i'll probably just leave it at that, that i went here and here and here.. well i dunno if u understand me but anyway :P
    oh, and i like being a riddle :P
    just to warn you :)

    i've never been on PMT bus :-s heard that public transport there is aweful.. and theres always someone on a bike to drag and drop me somewhere.. hahahah.. or car, if im lucky :P one side as in one whole side?? o_O waow.. well, in bombay they have about 4-6 seats near the front of the bus reserved for ladies, uske peechay theres printed "streeyan saathi" and then the first three seats are for senior citizens, one of which is also for people who are handicapped :-|
    names of the places in pune? O_O hmmmmmm.. yeah, i know one place, "Pooja, AC pan wala" xD we saw it on our way to this famous place that sells yummmmmmy cold coffee at just 10 bucks per glass.. and pehle it used to be 8.. also, "crazzy guys boutique" xD hhahhahaha which my friend insisted on teasing all night and still does xD hilarious.. but all places have weird names.. even baroda does :-| not that i can remember any :-| nor do i want to :-| i end up having a 36 ka ankda with most gujju people, especially guys, after having faboulous friendships :-s

    and about the hatred part, well no, i dont agree with you.. atleast not in my case.. if there was something i really really hate, it would either have stopped existing, or im still trying to make it stop existing..
    me and mo have this kind of love hate relationship.. i dont wanna talk to her, but still wanna talk to her, so this is how im talking to her, not that i care.. nor that i want HER to care.. we've hurt each other somehow in some shitty way that i dont even know about.. and well, she lives approximately 800-900kms away from me and to meet her i'd need a visa and lots of patience and if i were to be able to meet her, i'd hold her from her shoulders and give her a nice long hard shake and ask her, "what the hell are you doing girl?!" and then i'd leave her, turn around and start walking away, if she'd tell me not to go, well and good, if not, oh well, i tried.. maybe i'll cry it out.. oh wait, i cant cry.. lol.. but that wuold be if i WAS around her.. :)
    no sir, this kind of hate is not at all easy :) love, now that, that is something i like and am fond of and cant have enough of :D

    *sings*-"let it snow let it snow let it snow!"


    and one other thing i think i shud warn you about, i'm crazy :P :D
    that is, if you havent already made that out from the little u know about me :) :D


  11. Faithlessdream: Hi Astha....its purely ur wish to be a riddle, puzzle or conundrum....
    i don't care bout it....n yep no need to use words like u r trying to warn me....i am not afraid of u....again on a lighter note i would like to tell u that through publishing ur views bout ur onetime friend "Mo"....i've just tried that even "Mo" should come to knw bout ur feelings n may be u both will start up with ur long lost frenship....and crazy as u r in ur own words its up to u....to make frens or foes....

    yep one more stuff i wud like to tell u is that....'am not a gujju....or gujarati wotever u say....to differentiate people....

  12. i am yet to visit your land and places in it!
    sure wish to some day!

    this was refreshing :)

  13. AD: Hi....twas b'ful to see u around....I had been through ur blog once n found it really good....would like to tell u dat u r one of the best producers of real emotions wrapped in b'ful words....
    Apart from dat, this blogname of urs "Americanising Desi" is really cool....but i've found u to be more kinda subcontinental girl rather than an American Desi....


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